Rates at Raindance Music

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Studio Rates

  • £35 per hour, or
  • £265 for an 8-9 hour day
  • Bulk prices available for larger projects
  • Includes engineer, production and mixing (and for most projects includes in-house musicians covering live drums, bass, guitars and keyboards)


    Mixing Rates

  • £60 per song with 8 individual stems or less
  • £105 per song with 24 individual stems or less
  • Songs with more than 24 stems, £2 for each additional stem
  • Backing tracks, or click tracks can be supplied, after the mix has been approved, at a price of £5 each

    Your song will be mixed by our experienced mix engineers, with the chance to make up to 2 revisions on your mix. The mix will be properly prepared for mastering, and can be delivered in Wav, Aiff and MP3 format, and as an audio CD.


    Mastering Rates

  • £40 per song, or
  • bulk price £35 per song (for 5 songs or more)
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